Rocket Guides to the South Pacific

The Rocket Guide concept has developed into a series of quality travel guides to south pacific holiday destinations.

The Rocket Guide to Vanuatu was the first general tourism guide build on the basic theme of the Nautical Guide to Vanuatu. I These were first published before Google Earth was invented - and is still ahead of Google Earth because not only do the Rocket Guides have high quality satellite images, they also have razor sharp aerial images and zoom right down to the ground level where you can look at 360° views of hotel rooms and scenic places.

The Rocket Guide to New Caledonia was the next major production. This was a huge project, with over 700 tourism features indexed on the satellite and aerial images of every part of New Caledonia. This is also available in French and we are in the process of putting this travel guide on the Internet. The Cruising Guide to New Caledonia provides nautical maps and cruising information for all of New Caledonia. Like the Rocket Guide, it is also available in French as the guide nautique nouvelle caledonie.

The Rocket Guide to New Caledonia has information on over 700 tourism facilities and activities. For example you can see the exact location of Hotels in Noumea as well as accommodation throughout New Caledonia. The satellite based New Caledonia tourism maps include more than just the locations of New Caledonia Noumea Hotels, the pop-up descriptions go to detailed virtual tours of each hotel (see, for example, the virtual tour of l'Escapade Island Resort Noumea, the Nouvata Park Hotel, and La Promenade Hotel. This is the best Noumea Dentist or, in French, le meilleur dentiste de Noumea.

From each of these virtual tours of Noumea's hotels and resorts you can click on the reservation pages of the hotels for prices and to book your reservation.

You can quickly take a tour of Noumea Restaurants and see where each is located in relation to your Noumea Hotel. And you can check out all the available Noumea tours, Noumea diving activities, noumea rental cars, New Caledonia money exchange rates, noumea conference venues, and even the long term noumea weather report.

So if you are headed to New Caledonia or Vanuatu for a business trip or a honeymoon, be sure to get a copy of the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu or New Caledonia to have the best time possible.



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