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Would you like to exchage links with this site and 10 other similar websites? I will link to your site if it has anything to do with cruising, sailing, diving, fishing, or adventuring in the South Pacific providing you link to these sites first.

By exchanging RELEVANT links we help people find our mutual internet resources. This means I'm going to check out your site - I won't link to porn sites, gambling sites, or sites that are not relevant.

If you put my links on a link page with just links, I'll do the same - and add a heading that relates to your site to improve the value of the link. For an example of this click here.

If you REALLY want your links from each of the ten websites to be valuable, it should not be on a page that is nothing but links. It should be on a page about the subject that relates to cruising, sailing, diving, or whatever.  If you put my links on a different page of your website that relates to the subject of my websites I'll do the same for your link on each of the 10 websites websites - then I'll email you with the URLs so you can verify the links.

First, copy the html code for the ten links below (or any one or more of the websites you want to exchange links with) - paste this code into the page or pages of your website and upload these to your server.

Email me the information you want on your link plus the URLs of the website you have pasted the link on. Send the email to linkto followed by at and then (this is in plain text to annoy the spammer robots. Us humans can figure it out). Or goto contact and email me from there.

It will help us both if you include a link to your link page in the link you want me to put on the 10 websites. You can also link to different pages of your website from your link just as I've done. This helps people (and search engines) in finding the information they are looking for.

Here are the links for the ten sites to be copied and pasted into your web page(s). If you want to copy the html code for these links, scroll down.

Cruising New Caledonia - cruising guide to sailing and diving in the South Pacific islands of New Caledonia. New Caledonia weather, new caledonia tides, new caledonia marinas, new caledonia internet access for cruising yachts, New Caledonia ports of entry and clearance, Internet resources for New Caledonia.

Cruising Vanuatu - a cruising guide to sailing in the South Pacific islands of Vanuatu. vanuatu weather, vanuatu tides, vanuatu marinas, vanuatu ports of entry and clearance, web sites about cruising in vanuatu and the south pacific.

Cruising Papua New Guinea - Sailing and scientific adventures in Papua New Guinea. Links to South Pacific Websites.

Cruising the Solomon Islands - Sailing and scientific adventures in the Solomon Islands. Links to sailing and cruising in the south pacific.

Rocket Guide to Vanuatu - CompleteThe Rocket Travel Guide to Vanuatu is a CD-ROM electronic tourism guide to Vanuatu . It is created by Tellus Consultants , and the Vanuatu government.

Cruising Broken Bay - Located just 10 nautical miles north of Sydney, Australia, the complex waterways made up of Broken Bay, Pittwater and the Hawkesbury River is one of Australia's best recreational sailing areas. This site has aerial and satellite images showing all the anchorages and waterways. Websites on cruising in Australia and the South Pacific

PhotoCharts Australia - Order a CD-Rom cruising guide for Pittwater and Broken Bay, Australia Based on space and aerial images of this fabulous cruising area near Sydney Australia. Cruising Websites

Community Science in the South Pacific - Environmental programs on the small islands of the South Pacific that have succeeded through community partipation. Links about environment and the south pacific


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