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The Nautical Guide to Broken Bay

r o c k e t  g u i d e  t o  b r o k e n  b a y

The Cruising guide to Broken Bay brings you crystal clear images from space down to the surface of any part of the water wonderland of Broken Bay, Pittwater, Cowan Creek, Brisbane Water and the Hawkesbury River. Razor sharp space images from NASA, aerial images from the Land Property Information New South Wales, and surface images (including 360º panoramas) provide the foundation for a unique virtual information guide.

You can zoom from higher levels to you can select a series of overlays with names, navigation information, parks, fishing, and points of interest.



Zoom from space to the surface in any part of the area.

You can also shift views laterally to go from one zoomed area to another.

Navigation is simple and quick, you can be looking at a detailed photo chart of anywhere in the whole area in just two clicks.

Birds in the Ku-Ring-Gai National Park

Download the Cruising Guide to Broken Bay for Windows

If you have a good Internet Connection and wish to download the Cruising Guide to Broken Bay for AUS$29.50 click on the following button (note: this is a large Windows installation file - 154MB - and you will need to use a download manager like - which is free - to successfully download the file. The links are good for 72 hours.)


Flip between the photo and overlays with names, navigation information, parks, fishing, and points of interest.


The closer you zoom, the more detail you discover. You'll find information on history, wildlife, park trails, good fishing spots, secluded anchorages in picturesque wilderness areas, where to charter a yacht, all the swim & surf beaches, where to buy groceries or any other supplies and services, have a meal, go shopping, or find transportation.

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